Special orders and special requests. These are things I really enjoy doing, whether it’s a bespoke colour, engraving, unusual shape etc, I love a challenge and a chance to get those creative juices woken up to make something different. I once made a fluorescent blue shepherd’s crook for a lady who competed at such shepherding events, and wanted to stand out to the judges! It was a Beau Peep kind of affair and looked very cute indeed. But I never heard back whether the judges approved or if they just thought she’d lost her way from a nearby children’s fancy dress party, looking for her waggy tailed sheep.

It was a couple of months back I first received the e mail about a very special order walking stick from Simon, an existing customer. It roughly said “I know it’s an odd request and I understand if you can’t”. Naturally my head said yes before I had even finished reading the message. But this was a very moving request indeed.

A couple of months earlier Simon had lost his dear mum, Alice. They had always been very close. Having brought Alice’s ashes home, he was then faced with what to do with them. He didn’t want them as an ornament and he didn’t subscribe to making them into a diamond so he could preserve them like that. He asked was there any way we could incorporate some ashes into a walking stick for him so Alice would be with him every day.

Of course my head is saying yes, yes, yes, and this beautiful idea just filled my heart to bursting and I actually couldn’t think of a better way to remember someone than having them walk with you, on the good days and bad. Still feeling that connection to someone you dearly loved. I was also completely overwhelmed at the trust Simon was putting in me. As an existing customer we had corresponded several times, but I felt very honoured that he thought of Neo Walk as somewhere he could turn to and make such a special request come true.

So working in conjunction with Simon we exchanged a few ideas and came up with a design that would incorporate some of Alice’s ashes with some other materials, into a drilled out shaft of one of my rods, with a beautiful chrome handle engraved with the words   “with me every step”.

So now when Simon is out walking, or just at home, he knows his mum is with him every step and I can already imagine the comfort he must get from that. What started as his ‘odd’ request turned into this practical, beautiful tribute to a very special lady. I still remain very honoured that Simon entrusted this to me, and it will always be one of my favourite creations here at Neo Walk. You could do this with a spouse, a family member, a friend, or even a family pet. Imagine having a faithful dog with you every time you went for walkies. I rather like the idea myself.

A few years ago I made a beautiful black stick as a special order Christmas present, with lots of small holes drilled into the surface and small Swarovski crystals embedded in them. It made a super sparkly statement stick worthy of any Hollywood premiere.

Or how about a silver embossed handle on a stick for a special event, colour matched to the outfit you’re wearing? Well of course, we can do that too!

If we can help make your vision into reality please do not hesitate to ask. You know I’m always up for a new challenge. So just e mail me and let me know if I can make something special for you. Now Christmas is fast approaching…94 days today, as if you needed reminding!! Maybe there’s someone you would like to surprise with a thoughtful walking gift. Imagine waking up to metre long box under the tree, and wondering what on earth it could be. If you would like a special message putting in a box, if it’s a birthday or a thank you for being someone special, we have a card that can be put in with a handwritten message on. So get your thinking caps on people! It’s a thoughtful gift that literally keeps on giving.

Love always



PS. All names were changed for privacy.