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We all want to look good and feel confident. When you are a walking stick user it’s certainly no different. Gone are the days when walking sticks are only available in dull hospital grey. At Neo Walk we know everyone has a colourful side, a side that wants to be seen. You may want to match a colour to an outfit, or you may want a discreet stick for a special day. We have something for everyone. We even have ones that light up making those dark nights safer.

Is your mobility aid worth investing in? A big hell yes it is. What price can you put on regaining your confidence or enjoying being outdoors again, with less pain, fatigue and flaring symptoms.

When you buy a Neo Walk stick you are buying beautiful unique design, superb functionality, quality materials and the expert thought and care that can only be put in by another mobility aid user. All our fabulous Neo Walk sticks are handmade to your height, just for you.

When you use a Neo Walk stick every day, every day somebody will ask you where you got your gorgeous stick, not why you are using it. That’s priceless.

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Due to a cyber attack, Royal Mail are advising we do not post anything outsdide the UK for the time being. (eg. goods small enough to go in an envelope.)We will review this situation at the end of this week. We apologise for this delay to all our international customers.


Read here to find out how to claim VAT exemption due to a chronic illness



To banish the January blues, let’s embrace them instead. All our blue stuff is on sale right now until midnight Friday. So treat yourself to a hoodie or a Tiffany stick maybe, and make blue something to smile about.


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A place to the share achievements and the story of someone you’ve nominated each month. It could be anyone, it could be you.

listen to lyndsay's blog

Hear about my varied experiences as an above knee amputee and why I find designing and making walking sticks so fulfilling and challenging.

recycle your stick

If you have any old, preloved walking sticks, of any shape, size or material, we can recycle them for you, in partnership with the Jacob’s Well Appeal.