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Here at Neo Walk we know you deserve to stand out from the crowd! That's why we're nearly ready to introduce our Build Your Stick customiser, giving you a myriad of options in colours, handles and ferrules to. Embrace your individuality with pride and create a walking stick that truly reflects your uniqueness!
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Through advocacy, education, and fundraising initiatives, #FUMS aims to enhance understanding, improve patient care, and fund vital research in the pursuit of a world free from the burdens of Multiple Sclerosis. Join the #FUMS campaign today and be a part of the movement that empowers individuals and families to face MS with strength and unity.

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…where support meets style!

Are you tired of the same old walking sticks? Clunky metal, hospital grey. Do you want to add a touch of your personality and flair to your mobility aids? Look no further than Neo Walk – your one-stop destination for the most unique and stylish walking sticks in the world!

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Elevate your style with our range of stylish walking sticks. All handmade from high-quality materials in UK, these sticks are designed to provide sturdy support while making a statement. 

vibrant colours & designs

Add a splash of colour to your daily steps! Our stunning, vibrant collections feature walking sticks in a rainbow of shades, ensuring you’ll find the perfect match for your personality. They can even light up! Let your stick say everything about you, without saying a word.

top quality craftmanship

Each Neo Walk stick is carefully hand crafted using the finest materials, ensuring durability and reliability. We hope you find something you like. Why not come and visit us at the new Hub in York. Get measured, browse and take away the stick of your dreams all in one day.


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build your stick

Discover the joy of building your very own custom walking stick online at Neo Walk! Very soon you’ll be able to choose from a variety of designs, colors, and handle options to create a truly unique mobility accessory that perfectly complements you!

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Here at Neo Walk we’re so excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with award-winning actress Christina Applegate to launch you our special-edition FUMS stick, to support the MS community worldwide.
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Complete your walking stick ensemble with our collection of stylish accessories. From elegant wrist straps and key fobs to light up stopprs our range of accessories adds practicality and flair to your beautiful Neo Walk stick.

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…we have some famous friends!

The glitz and glamour of the A-list celebrity world – including Christina Applegate and Selma Blair – have embraced the trend with Neo Walk sticks taking centre stage.

Christina and Selma have enthusiastically endorsed our innovative mobility aids, transforming them into stylish fashion accessories.

From red carpet events to everyday outings, they’ve made our walking sticks a symbol of both elegance and functionality. Join our campaign to say FU to MS. Money is donated to MS charities each time an FUMS stick is bought.

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