We’re so excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with award-winning actress Christina Applegate to bring you our special-edition FUMS stick, to support the MS community worldwide.

christina applegate #fums

“I saw Selma Blair’s canes and fell in love with them. If I need to have a mobility aid, I might as well have a cool one. Lyndsay and I became friends and we decided to create one together that benefits the community.”

What would you say to MS if it stood next to you now?

Would you throw your arms around it and say thank you for all the challenges you have presented me?

Would you scream in frustration and ask it why me, why now?

Or would you show it the door and say FUMS?

There is no right answer.

Your answer is right.


There is no right way to live with MS.

The way you live is right.
Just know you are not alone.

The entire chronic illness community is behind you, empathizing and willing you on.

Christina has donated her time to this collaboration and 5% of gross sales from this stick will be donated by Neo Walk to The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) and MS Society (UK) charities.


fums<br />

engravable collar


removable tag


Jet black DNA runs through a crystal clear rod.

With its own exclusive strap and accessories, it exudes attitude and style. It has an “#FUMS” removable tag included with the strap and an engravable collar that can be personalised with a message of your choice.

Also included is a code to buy Dr Gretchen Hawley’s bestselling book The MSing Link for $0.99.

We really hope you love it.