How do I measure the length of stick I need?

You need to be wearing your shoes. Stand with your arms relaxed by your side. Ask somebody to use a tape measure and and measure the length from your wrist bone to the floor. That is the measurement I need.

What is difference between all the handle shapes?

We have four handle shapes. The traditional curve, the question mark, the snoopy and the T handle. Please can you follow this link to a post I wrote all about this.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship all over the world. We haven’t encountered a country we can’t ship to. Shipping prices will vary according to where you live, this is calculated at checkout. Check out our Delivery page for more details.

How long will it take to get my stick?

It depends where you are in the world. As all our sticks are handmade just for you please allow up to 3 weeks if you live outside UK. However most UK orders are delivered within one week. Please be patient with us at especially busy times of the year.

Is there a weight limit for using the sticks?

The walking sticks have a conservative weight limit of 100kg, however they have been weight tested to considerably more than that. 

It does however depend on how you use the stick. They are designed and made as balancing aids not weight bearing aids like crutches. So if you find you put a lot of weight through it when you walk, it maybe you need a crutch or two walking sticks. Even if that’s just for your really bad days.

What if I have measured my length incorrectly?

As our walking sticks are bespoke just for you, we do not accept returns if you make a mistake measuring. Please read the advice and watch the video on how to measure. Do it twice just to make sure. See Terms & Conditions.

What can I do if my stick gets scratched?

Our walking sticks are made from acrylic, and can scratch and scuff, but it’s not a problem as you can use one of our polishing kits to make it as good as new again. For advice on how to polish your stick, take a look at the video for a step by step guide. 

Will my stick break if I drop it?

Most products today, like phones and TVs etc, could be prone to breaking if dropped. You might drop your walking stick one day and it doesn’t break, however if you are unlucky it may another day. This is why we recommend using a wrist strap so you don’t have to balance it anywhere to use your hands. Also if you aren’t using it for a prolonged length of time, if you’re out for dinner for example, just lay it on the floor. A balanced stick is a stick that can fall.

Which hand should I be using my stick in?

As a rule, you should use your walking stick on the opposite side to your weakness. So if you have a painful left leg, use it in your right. You may experience changing sides of weakness, or changing symptoms, in which case you could change the side you use to the appropriate one each day. Ask your doctor or physio if you can, there’s no substitute for good medical advice. 

Do you offer student discount?

Yes we do. You can send us proof of your student status and in return you can have 10% off your order.