how to measure

All of our sticks are custom made to fit your size, simply follow the advice shown below to select the correct sized walking stick for you.

Measure in inches or convert cms into inches to order.

Always wear your regular shoes when measuring. If you prefer, you can order our longest length and simply cut the stick yourself. Ideal if you are sending it as a gift and don’t know the right size.

This sizing guide is not a hard and fast rule, some people prefer a longer or shorter stick. If you have a walking stick that is comfortable now, measure the length of that and order the same. If it’s comfy for you, then it’s the right length.

Have a look at the video below for more information on how to measure the correct length for your Neo Walk stick

how to cut your stick at home

Please note that light up walking sticks cannot be cut. They must be measured to the exact length required please.


1. Measure the length of the stick you’re adjusting.

2. Measure the length you need, and calculate how much to take off.

3. Remove the rubber tip and mark the cut with a pen.

4. Cut with a hacksaw or a table top saw.