At Neo Walk we believe it’s all about choice, customisation and making your walking stick reflect your personality.

So you can choose colour, clear, curvy, quirky, and you can even choose the colour of the rubber tip that goes on the bottom.

Let’s call it a ferrule. That’s it’s real name. Or rubber tip, anti slip grippy end. Whatever you call it, they are important as they give you grip and help prevent slipping.It’s important you change it when the tread becomes worn or uneven. It’s a good idea to check it a few times a year.

So here are all the different colours of ferrules you can choose from. You get one with your order, but you can also change it to make it match or clash, whatever takes your fancy. Spare ferrules can be found in the accessories section. If you use a light up walking stick remember to order one that is light up compatible.

OzzyOZZY black

BerriBERRI purple

RoxyROXY pink

DreamyDREAMY turquoise

MustardMUSTARD yellow

FantaFANTA orange

Duck EggDUCK EGG blue

Ice CreamICE CREAM beige

SpearmintSPEARMINT green

CherryCHERRY red

FizzFIZZ pink

range of ferrulesTRINKET clear

Flexifoot FLEXYFOOT shock absorbing