I used to be so scared of talking into a camera. Filming.

However it really helps if someone is pointing a camera at you, just talk straight back to the ‘someone’. It gives you a pair of eyes to bounce off and connect with. That’s my advice for the month.

I didn’t say I like it, but part of what I do involves talking to a camera. It may be doing an Instagram live to you lovely people, it might be filming a podcast or it might be for a TV piece. I have never got used to it. I can never remember what I said ten seconds previously, I twitch a lot and talk with my hands, and if I wear squeaky rustling clothing it drives producers nuts!

Anyhow, February has been a tremendous month for Neo Walk. For orders, for new releases, for visibility and for making special connections. This often brings cameras.

We released our gorgeously wonderful Limited Edition Surf’s Up this month. Transparent Turquoise with sumptuous waves of white surf softly rippling inside it. Mesmerising to look at. No two are the same, they were all cast individually by hand. So when we say limited we really mean unique. Well done if you even got one. With it you will receive a hand poured candle with the scent of bergamot, vanilla and coconut, evoking memories of the beach and the ocean. Please note the scent is more Miami and less Whitby harbour for obvious reasons.

London seemed to be my destination of choice this month, not once, not twice but three times! Once for pleasure, and twice with my Neo Walk head on. It’s still a pleasure of course, but the accounts department allow me to put a few beers on the Neo Walk tab. Happy days!

It was London Fashion Week this month and we had the joy of being invited to the Unhidden catwalk show, with four models using their amazing Neo Walk sticks to show off Victoria Jenkins’ gorgeous adaptive, inclusive fashion range. I do feel a great connection with Victoria, not only because of our passion for red wine and inclusivity, but also because she was on Dragons Den this month. She understands the sheer horror of walking through those lift doors and facing the Meaden. I felt quite tearful seeing those stunning models looking so fierce, proud and unapologetically visible with their mobility aids. We need much more of this. So watch out for Unhidden and Victoria as that lady is going places. Usually the bar.

Also at London Fashion week, and free for a coffee and a hug, was our friendly Neo Walker herself, Selma Blair. We caught up with her, shared some giggles, some of my new wheelchair technology and delivered her new sticks. So finally, off she trotted round London, obviously not looking for Primark, with her fabulous new Jitterbug stick. Always a curved handle, she has never changed even after all these years. It just shows once you find your comfort zone you may not want to leave.


Sometimes we are asked to make custom order canes and sticks for special occasions and events. So when equally magnificent friend and Neo Walker Christina Applegate asked for something special for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, I came up with a real statement piece for her. (It’s something we’ve been working on together and I’m excited to get the finished article released for all of you.) So wearing a stunning black velvet coat dress and accompanied by her beautiful daughter, Christina stepped onto the red carpet with her #FUMS stick. Solid shiny black with bold white writing, clearly showing MS the finger, the bird or the door. Her sentiment behind it was not anger, resentment or bitterness towards her illness. The #FUMS  message was simply ‘you’re not the boss of me’ and ‘I have MS, it doesn’t have me’.

.    .  Christina Applegate with her Neo Walk stick

So watch out a bit closer to summer for our new bold creation just for you.

Anyway, somebody pointed a camera at me today and I delivered some of this in my usual twitchy, noisy way. Note to self, don’t wear a leather jacket and flap your hands about when there’s a microphone in front of you.

Check out @ashesandadventures for hand poured candles and @unhidden inclusive, adapted fashion