Rubber End Ferrules

£ 3.00

Beautiful custom colours and 25mm in diameter, we have them all made especially for you to jazz up that Neo Walk stick of yours.

If you use the new easy off ferrules on your existing light up walking stick, with an old style torch, it may take half an inch off the overall height of your stick. This should not affect the walking experience with your stick. 

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Terms & Conditions

You can have any message engraved on your walking stick, you can personalise your items with initials, names, dates, and short phrases (please note- this must fit the maximum number of characters available).
You are solely responsible for any message you ask us to engrave, messages that are engraved are words or views of the customer and not words or views held by Neo Walk.
Please ensure the message you request for engraving is correct as we will engrave the message as supplied.
We reserve the right to refuse to engrave a message, and, if so, may also cancel your order and refund your payment of the signature collar, if your message is or is likely intended to be offensive, abusive, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, racist, homophobic, inflammatory, harmful, sexually explicit, or unlawful.