Polish up your Act

£ 7.95

Imagine you have been an avid fan of Neo Walk for some time, taking your gorgeous sticks North, South, East and West on your adventures. Maybe they are looking a bit well travelled and have lost their original sparkle. This handy little polishing kit has been put together just for you. It comes with a sanding block, a polishing cloth and 10ml of polishing liquid. Plenty to bring the sparkle back to more than one stick, more than once. All in it’s own Neo Walk green velvet bag. Complete with orange tassels.

Scuff the scratch out with the rougher side of the block. Buff the surface with the smoother side. Careful not to press too hard, and try to only sand the scratch, not a large area. Polish using the liquid and cloth. One side to apply the polish, engage the elbow grease, and one to bring the final shine.

It’s as simple as that. Scuff, buff and polish. The sanding blocks may have changed colour.

There’s a handy video to watch if you need a few pointers on how to do it.


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Terms & Conditions

You can have any message engraved on your walking stick, you can personalise your items with initials, names, dates, and short phrases (please note- this must fit the maximum number of characters available).
You are solely responsible for any message you ask us to engrave, messages that are engraved are words or views of the customer and not words or views held by Neo Walk.
Please ensure the message you request for engraving is correct as we will engrave the message as supplied.
We reserve the right to refuse to engrave a message, and, if so, may also cancel your order and refund your payment of the signature collar, if your message is or is likely intended to be offensive, abusive, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, racist, homophobic, inflammatory, harmful, sexually explicit, or unlawful.