Tiffany 1837

£ 74.99£ 94.99 with VAT exemption

It’s unmistakable and forever lovable. This iconic colour oozes opulence, luxury and everlasting style. Blessed by the association with all things Tiffany, this stunning walking stick will turn heads wherever you go – lightly. Did you see what I did there! This actual colour is called Tiffany 1837 because that’s when this gem of a company was started. Why is Tiffany so loved? Because they create unique pieces with something for everyone. Not too different to Neo Walk.

Tiffany 1837 can also come with our new super sleek and stylish clear T Handle, which very cleverly screws onto the end of the rod. Enjoy the style with no shortage of comfort. Designed by Lyndsay just for you.

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