Fancy Full

£ 99.99 with VAT exemption

Walk in style with a spectacular clear walking stick full of fancy things!

We’ve made a gorgeous clear walking stick, hollowed out the centre and filled it with fancy things to make you smile. Here come the pom poms and sequins…and that’s just to begin with. Now we’ve added dries mixed petals, stunning seashells and healing crystals to the collection. With a stunning clear T handle on top you will certainly turn heads and catch eyes. It also comes with a free dustbag worth £15 to store it in and keep it looking fancy for longer.

The length of the hollowed centre is 43cm. It does not go top to bottom in order to maintain the strength and sturdyness of the stick.

Let your walking stick so much about you…without saying a word.

Please note the stuffing does not go all the way down the rod. The hole is 43cm long. If you remove the contents to replace it with your own we only recommend dry items. If anything moist eg. sand is put inside it will not be removable.



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