I think one of the most common questions I am asked, apart from how is Team Neo Walkies, is what difference does the shape of the handle make to a Neo Walk stick. Well my friends, give me your ears and allow me to tell you everything.

I think the only two things the handle shape could possibly affect are the aesthetic and the comfort of the stick.

Let’s start with the aesthetic. How cute. How traditional. How quirky. That really is down to your personal preference. You may want a variety or you may want to keep your collection consistent. There are 4 basic options.

Here is the question mark. Self explanatory and pretty edgy. Very popular, seen here in Cosmopolitan colour.


Next we have the curved handle. Again it speaks for itself and is the more traditional more expected shape. Seen here in Light Up Rainbow Twirl, showing off all the colours you’ll find somewhere over…

Light Up Rainbow Twist


Now we get a lot more unique and stylish with the T handle, screw on and off. You can see the screw thread in the clear handle and the colour of the rod that’s screwed in. It really is beautiful to look at, and exclusively available at Neo Walk. Performed here by Sea Salt.

Space Cadet with T Handle


Last but not least the newest member of the handle family, Snoopy. When we created this shape all I could see was the shape of Snoopy’s nose, and I know many of you agreed. The name just stuck. This one here is in French Lavender. Maybe it would be le Snoop. Je ne sais pas.

Snoopy handle

I have developed all these handles over the years, sometimes by accident, but I have to admit I worked for a long time on getting the T handle just right. It makes a walking stick look like a modern work of art and something I hope you are all very proud to be seen with. It turns heads and bridges the gap between style and function perfectly. That’s my aim every day here at Neo Walk.

The experience you get with each stick depends on where your hand and weight is in relation to the upright rod. So  it may be behind the rod like in the curved handle, or it may be right over the rod like in the other shapes. Here lies the difference.

Comfort wise I can pass on this advice. If you live with pain in your fingers and wrists, or perhaps you have EDS, then the question mark handle is often called the most comfortable. Snoopy and T handle give much the same comfort as each other as the handle is effectively straight, with your weight going directly over the rod.

If you feel you need some extra comfort all the handle shapes are available with a rubber gel grip. This is added at the time of making the stick and isn’t removable. It can’t be added afterwards. There are lots of different colours to choose from to either match or contrast with your walking stick. It can make a big difference to both the aesthetic and the function.

The newest addition to our collection of handles is the transparent ergonomic handle, available in left and right. Made from beautiful tactile transparent acrylic they are designed for your comfort. Distributing the pressure evenly across your palm, they are suitable for anyone but especially those with any hand pain.

Cosmopolitan DNA (Do Not Ask) Tiffany

We always love to hear your experiences and opinions so leave a comment below to let us know how it’s worked out for you.

Much Love,