Satan help us it’s a funny year so far. I never thought I’d use words like pandemic and quarantine in every day life, as easy as I say tea and toilet roll. What the hell has happened? Who knows who you can trust? I can’t watch the news too often, and I can’t have it on in the background at home or I feel I’m subliminally soaking it all up and humping it round in my very core. Anyway there’s always the rest of the household to rely on to keep me up to date with any  developments. Does every home have at least one person who just can’t get enough of the regurgitated COVID news and how many people ‘have it’ today? Do you have the doomsayers and misery mongers that want you to share in their disaster prophecies and keep going on and on…Not me, I’m happy in my own little bubble and I’m managing ok with the help of Team Neo Walkies and multi pack chocolate digestives. I feel like a bit of a coward because I don’t want to run head on into it all to debate and argue about the Cummings and goings of who is to blame today. Me and my bubble will deal with it all when it hits the fan, bitesize. Just talk to me about crop circles or the price of gin. Keep your COVID misinformation and propaganda to yourselves, you’ll find me watching The One Show and DrPimplepopper.

With COVID came lockdown, and like most people living with chronic illness, my life really didn’t change that much! Having my daily activities limited and staying in is a regular thing for me. The big three surprises of lockdown for me have definitely been Zoom quizzes, home baking and hairy armpits. I never realised I could allow any of them to be regulars in my daily life. More surprisingly I excelled at all of them much more than I ever thought I could. That big three is closely followed by becoming a surprise vegan and enjoying wearing medical face masks. Two things I’ve seen other people do but never really fancied for myself. I never knew wearing a face covering could make me a. Look younger b. Save so much money on make up and c. Stop people talking to me unnecessarily and to stay the #*%@ away. I love them now! With regard to my unexpected voyage into veganworld, I must be the only living human not to have lost weight doing it.  It wasn’t the point of the exercise however so I can’t grumble, but I had secretly been hoping for this pleasant side effect. I think I’m immune.

Another lockdown revelation has  definitely been day pyjamas, spending all day in day pyjamas, working in day pyjamas before changing into night pyjamas. My wardrobe has basically been pyjamas. Every day has been dress down Friday and bring your dog to work day here. In fact they really run the place.

Like everyone there’s been more unwelcome surprises and news, but I won’t linger too long over it. I believe chronic illness warriors have been thrown under the COVID bus with hospital appointments cancelled leaving pain levels unmanaged. On the whole it’s been a crap year, but I won’t dwell on that either. Pick out the positives, smile at the joyous surprises because we seem to be in this for the long haul.

The biggest surprise for us is we are going to be having Christmas in October. I’m not taking any chances that a second round of quarantine will prevent my family getting together and Santa coming. So I’ll be sanitising my baubles early. Another thing I never thought I’d say.

What surprised you the most about lockdown? Lack of murderous thoughts? Lack of boredom? Enjoying Countdown or maybe learning a new knitting stitch?

Much love as ever,

Lyndsay xx