In a time where our futures seem uncertain, one thing remains for sure. A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles. Here are some little things that made me smile this week. 

Taking Team Neo Walkies to the doggy play park for lots of ball chasing and authorised tunnelling! 

We are really lucky that near to where we live is an enclosure we can hire just for the odd half hour of private use. For the dogs (and us) there’s agility jumps to run at, a paddling pool to cool your paws down, hay bales to jump on, and ready made tunnels to go approved excavating in to get your nose brown. For the hoomans there are picnic tables and a little hut to hide in with your full poop bags if it rains. The dogs  enjoy it so much it makes my heart smile. God bless Dogtopia! You’ve totally transformed our team walks. 

You know you’re getting old when it’s Amazon Prime Day and the only thing you can find to buy is a silicone she wee. I’ve had far too many close calls on car journeys that weren’t even that long. The age for guranteed dry pants has come. 

If it’s good I can feel family Xmas presents coming on! It will make me smile if it works, and if I don’t get wet shoes. 

Naming the new colours of walking sticks that hit the website this week. This always makes me smile. Partly because I’m very excited at launch time, and also because it’s a bit of fun with words which I love. Would it be Hulk, avocado, Kermit or sprout? The green caused me grief until I got back to pee again. But this time it was Peas in a Pod, I bet you’re all glad. When it came to all things that are orange my mind went to goldfish, pumpkin, carrots and Donald Trump. But could I really call a stick The Donald? I’d rather call it the Wotsit or the Garfield. Both sound more trustworthy. 

Even if your weeks been hectic and your head has been spinning from East to West, I hope you found some things to smile about too. 

Much love,