You may or may not know this, but today is random acts of kindness day. I don’t often buy into particular days being for a particular something, but I do particularly like this one.

I think depending on who you are, where you come from and also your age, the term act of kindness can mean several things.

I certainly think for someone from my generation and my age, an act of kindness can be something as simple as holding the door open or reaching something from a top shelf for me in my wheelchair – and I may mean a saucy magazine ???? An act of kindness, I recently came to appreciate especially when running a business, it’s just showing someone politeness. Even just in a message or email. Sending it and receiving it. It says I heard you, I see you and I’m human too. If you go back another generation, an act of kindness would be for a gentleman to open a car door for a lady.

**Point of interest, when you say ‘a car door’ into my phone, it thinks I said Ocado! **

Back to being kind. It has left me pondering what today’s younger generation considers to be an act of kindness and do they matter. It may have been a material gift before the Covid pandemic hit. But I wonder how lockdown may have changed their opinion. After being denied social interaction it could be to them someone asking how you are, saying hi and introducing themselves is an act of kindness. After all what could be more kind than reaching out to someone who has been alone and lonely.

So that takes care of what acts of kindness might be. Let’s talk random. It could be random by person or random by nature I suppose. Or both!

Wash the windscreen of a strangers car, knowing they’ll never meet you to say thank you.

Complement a stranger in the changing room on a dress they’re trying on, not feeling they have to say it back to you.

Offer someone a pound for a shopping trolley when they haven’t got one on them.

You might find yourself able to do something kind today. Needless to say one day a year won’t get you to the pearly gates down the road. But remember to us at Neo Walk, just a few kind words goes miles, and be assured we will pay them forward for someone else to enjoy too.

Ripple ripple ripple.

Much love and kindness,

Lyndsay xx