Wrist straps

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It’s a wrist strap that believes it’s a bracelet, or is it a bracelet that wants to be a wrist strap? Either way you have both features in one here. Wide enough to sit under or outside your sleeve as you prefer. You can still sparkle and look great whilst saving your stick from falling on the floor, and yourself from the hazards of picking it up again. These straps will fit any walking stick from 18mm to 25mm. So if you have another type of existing stick you can still join in the Neo Walk fun too.

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Weight 30 g

Zebra Sparkle, Zebra Pink Sparkle, Bronze Rose, You Sparkle Ducky, Tangerine, Check Me Out, Denim, Pink Crackle Bracelet, Neon Black, Neon Yellow, Blue Rope, Baby Pink Rope


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