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A long time ago, purple became the Royal colour when Elizabeth I forbade by law anyone but close relatives of the Royal family to wear the colour.

So I guess it stuck, as now we associate purple with the sumptuous velvets and gowns the Royal family wear on those magical state occasions.

This transparent, bold but calm colour gave me it’s name straight away. It could only be one thing.

She is Lilibet. Short for Elizabeth, it was the sweet nickname only the immediate family of Queen Elizabeth II were allowed to use. As a toddler, she couldn’t pronounce her own name, and simply called herself Lilibet.

She was a life well lived, and a promise with destiny kept.

We really hope you enjoy this colour, especially knowing that £10 from every sale will be donated to Cancer Research, a favourite charity of the late Queen since it’s formation in 2002.

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