Light Up Neo Walk Umbrellas

£ 21.00£ 58.00

Let’s face it, the British weather is not much to get excited about.

But what if you had a gorgeous sexy fun light up umbrella for those ever present rainy days? Excited now huh!!

Well here to answer your rain dance is your very own Neo Walk light up Umbrella. With a clear acrylic rod, with white stripes. You’ll recognise it immediately. Black, easy to put up and take down. It says Neo Walk four times on the top, in case you forget who your favourite peeps are.

See and be seen. On those dark wet nights it makes it easy for passers by to know you’re there. Perfect for walking the dog at night.

Complete with a spectrum of colours to scan through and then a mad multi coloured light show if you can’t choose your favourite to use.

It also comes with a handy torch light on the end, maybe for getting your key in the front door, or finding the pound you dropped from your shopping trolley.

Did I mention that our walking sticks can light up too? There’s no end to our talents…

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