DNA Do Not Ask

£ 79.99£ 99.99 with VAT exemption

How often does a total stranger grind your gears by asking what’s wrong with you, why are you using a walking stick? Very insensitive and none of their business. Do Not Ask.

By all means complement me on my ultra cool and stylish walking stick, talk to me about the weather. The rest is irrelevant.

You : I call my stick a DNA stick.

Them : What does DNA stand for?

You : Do Not Ask!

This gorgeous crystal clear walking stick has a white DNA style helix running through it. It looks like magic. We agree it probably is.

DNA can also come with our new super sleek and stylish clear T Handle, which very cleverly screws onto the end of the rod. Enjoy the style with no shortage of comfort. Designed by Lyndsay just for you.

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