£ 4.99

It’s not so long ago the idea of a walking stick that lights up was only a designing day dream for me. So now our Light Up range is a firm favourite among you all, I wanted to keep on developing to make it even better for you. We don’t sit still much at Neo Walk.

So, if you already have a clear light up walking stick ie. Champagne Fizz, Clear as Candy Cane, Clearly Yours, DNA, Rainbow Twirl Light or Zebra Twist Light, then this one is just for you.

A simple kit to make your light up walking stick change colour in front of your very eyes. Contents will change the colour of your walking stick. It’s not magic, but it is a great fun idea!

You will receive 16 dots in total, nice and sturdy, hard to lose. The colours will be red, green, yellow and blue, 4 of each in your pack. Pop your choice of colour in before your led light and just take a look at the change! For extra intensity of colour try using more than one dot in your light up stick. Or mix them together and make a colour all of your own. Plenty to play with!

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