Amethyst Quartz

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25mm diameter clear Neo-Walk walking stick with inset bubbles.
In the sunlight this walking stick sparkles like stars captured inside a glass bottle.
It’s fun and unique, like a healing amethyst crystal, for serenity and balance, this stick dazzles and is such a refreshing change.

If you prefer some cushioning for your wrists and fingers, you can add the gel cushioned rubber grip to your stick, available in 5 different colours. Adding extra reassurance while you walk and a bed of roses for you hands. Please note the grip is added when I make the stick and cannot be removed.


Please note:

Advisable weight limit for this walking stick is 100kg.

Younger users:

All our sticks can be made shorter for children, younger or smaller users, please just send us a message at


Additional information

Cushioned rubber grip handle

none, red, blue, green, yellow, black

1 review for Amethyst Quartz

  1. louised40 (verified owner)

    No 4 for my collection.
    Love it a lot.
    Ok. It is a stick but what a stick.
    My bubbles sticks are the most commented on.
    An extension of me. Love love love.

    • Lyndsay

      I’m so happy you love your sticks Louise. Isn’t it amazing how different you can feel with a bit of style in your hand rather than dull sad grey. x

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