Welcome to Neo Walkers.

A place to share achievements, ask questions, tell us the silly things you’ve seen or maybe the inspiring things you’ve done. There is a growing community of us using Neo Walk sticks, from many countries and many walks of life. I love hearing from you all, so here’s a happy place to share stuff with everyone else.

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Footprints in the sand….

Author, Sarah Bush. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed at the hairdresser’s yesterday, and one of the pages I follow shared an announcement from the Crosby Beach Distortions page. ‘A textile project inspired by the textures, colours and shapes of Crosby Beach’,...

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Skywalker, Bubblegum and a goldfish??

"I have six walking sticks and my favourite the moment is Bubblegum Pink as it gets a lot of people talking to me. My yellow clear one reminds people of Luke Skywalker. My blue one makes people ask the question 'does it have gold fish that come up from the bottom. I...

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Bubbles, bubbles…it must be magic!!

"I am a huge fan of these walking sticks, not because they look so wonderful but because they offer stability and assurance to those of us who need that bit of extra help.  I have five of these sticks - opaque blue, transparent purple, candy cane, fluorescent blue and...

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Have you ever met someone else with a Neo Walk stick?

Just wondered if anyone else has ever bumped into a fellow Neo Walker? Because I post sticks all over the world I never really get to see anyone with one, I'm usually in one place most of the time. But last year I was going on holiday to Canada and while sat on the...

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Neo Walk sticks on Google Street View!

How fantastic is this!! This lady spotted herself on Street Maps in Brighton, stylishly walking with her clear bubbles Neo Walk stick!! So now she is immortalised forever, or until they shoot that street again! Have you ever spotted yourself on Street Maps...

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