Neo Walk @ LoveMeKnots

Here’s something completely new at Neo Walk!


Here at Neo Walk somedays we like to match and somedays we like to mix it up a bit with colours. If we can give you the option to do that, we will sieze it with both hands.

In collaboration with Love Me Knots, a great friend of Neo Walk, we are absolutely delighted to offer you the chance to have a gorgeous handmade woolly hat , beanie or headband to match your Neo Walk stick. When it gets cold let’s face it we are often guilty of neglecting our noggins. So make a statement and step out in style in your stunning  hat. Each one comes with it’s own custom patch fo you to choose from.



Babe with a Mobility Aid, Clearly Stylish, Invisible Illness, Chronic Pain Warrior, Neo Walk Family

The lovely Ceilidh at Love Me Knots has every colour of Neo Walk stick, in a hat.

If you head over to her Etsy shop at LoveMeKnotsStudio