Many of you have spoken glowingly about the effects of using one of our gorgeous Neo Walk sticks. Lots of people leave reviews, a handful not so nice, but 99% of them talk about how they feel confident, stylish, proud and safe when they have been using one of our gorgeous sticks. This is what we work for every day here at Neo Walk. It’s our mission to destigmatise mobility aids and normalise today’s society seeing them being used among all age groups. 

I have often been asked if able bodied people ever buy them for dressing up, Cos Play or even just as a joke. The answer is I don’t really know, but it made me think about that moment when a new customer meets their first Neo Walk stick, and what the different reactions would be between an able bodied and disabled person on their first trip out. I imagine it goes a bit like this. 

ABLE BODIED PERSON (ABS) Ooooooh. Look at this, it’s meant to be a walking stick. It’s just like a light saber. I look cool. 

DISABLED PERSON (DP) Gasp. I’m going to cry. It’s so beautiful, I didn’t think walking sticks like this existed, I didn’t think anyone could be bothered to design anything like this for people like me. All I’ve had is an ugly grey one from the hospital. When I walk I feel really safe, it’s so sturdy. I’m not ashamed to be seen with it, I feel proud and so confident and don’t mind anymore when people stare at me. I feel like a new person. I’ve been so ashamed to use a walking stick I haven’t left the house for 3 years, but now I want the world to see me as a strong disabled person. 

Essentially I could go on and on and I could have you here all day my lovely reader, while I list all the beautiful comments you have made about Neo Walk sticks. We are very grateful, and some of the messages literally bring us to tears. 

If there ever is any doubt that our walking sticks are designed for disabled people, you only need to consider the dramatically different non-effect there would be on an able bodied person. They just wouldn’t get the Neo Walk effect. 

We hope you get it though. By the bucket load.

Much love.

Lyndsay xx