If our paths have crossed you’ll know one thing about me. 

I am passionate. 

About this community. 

About advocacy for equality, visibility and respect for people with all disabilities. 

About presenting you with excellent quality, beautifully designed handmade acrylic walking sticks. 

No BS. I really am. 

So let’s imagine you’ve searched for stylish walking sticks, funky walking sticks or even fun walking sticks, and you’ve browsed and scrolled, and seen some of the often less than fun things that are out there. 

I celebrate the fact we are all different, it’s our money and definitely our choice, so for one moment let’s acknowledge how empowering it is to actually have a choice of mobility aids!  Several generations ago they weren’t so lucky. 

So Yayyyy! 

Now your search may end at elsewhere.co.uk, but what can you expect when you stop scrolling as you reach @neowalksticks…apart from photos of a big hairy dog?

You will find a unique handmade product, designed by Lyndsay’s over creative mind, you’ll find she is part of this wonderful community and understands. 


They’re also hand made here in the UK. 

We are always innovating, researching, testing and pushing the boundaries of what a walking stick “should” be like. Mine should be fantastic. Shouldn’t yours?

The acrylic is strong yet touchably tactile. The colours are vibrant yet will never ever fade. The handle shapes are fluid, fun and sexy, the comfort feels soothing and reassuring. They are easy to fall in love with and will help you rediscover your lost confidence and your AWOL va va voom. Yes, it’s still there inside you. 

Did I mention customer service? We’re rather fussy about that too. We can be found everyday answering your questions, giving advice and support, and a general dose of Yorkshire banter. That’s all part of the Neo Walk experience. We want you to feel connected, represented and valued. That would look good on a T shirt.

When you invest in a Neo Walk stick you are investing in your journey into healing. 

We may not be able to heal our missing limbs, muscle and nerve pains, misfiring neurones and misbehaving joints, but we sure as hell can help our souls heal from the loss we live with everyday. 

We can celebrate as we clock those admiring glances, smile as we hear interested strangers ask about our sticks, instead of why the **** do we have blue badges. 

We can feel that flicker of hope as children tell us how cool we are, and their eyes sparkle with fascination at our magic light up sticks. 

You get all this and more at Neo Walk, where handmade style meets your everyday walking stick needs. 

Love as always,