Confidence is the answer. 

What was the question?

What is it that glows from the inside and makes you look and feel great on the outside? 

Here’s some of my hard earned tips on how to get some. Take one tip, take all or take none, or share your tips with us. 

Get Things Done Big or small. All achievements count. Take the little wins each day, they all add up to giving you a great feeling. 

Monitor Your Progress  Check in on how you’re doing to motivate yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back often. Then rub it better. Goals are good, but make them achievable, small bite goals. Don’t aim for the stars and set yourself up to disappoint yourself.

Exercise Improves your mood, create time for yourself to do it. This is a hard one. But when do we shy away from hard? Pain can so often prevent us from exercising. So if that happens why not try something like meditation instead? Just setting aside 30 minutes for yourself to DO something for you. I am guilty of not taking this tip myself very often. Note to self. Listen.

Be Fearless Don’t fear failing. You’ll just regret not trying. If you have people around you who encourage you to believe you can’t do things, reconsider your circle of people. Sometimes things are more achievable than you think. Surround yourself with like minded people. Trying and failing is part of life. Not trying is not living. 

Stand-up For Yourself   Don’t let anyone make you feel you don’t deserve what you want or need. Emotionally, physically, medically…advocate for you, advocate for a friend. Don’t be told you are not worth what you know you are worth. You can feel in your gut when someone has short changed you. Say something. Say it loud. Make them hear. Swearing is good, sometimes. Get your message across, make them understand it’s not ok, you will be doing a great service for the next person they try it on with. Think of it as educating someone in equality, inclusion and customer service!

Don’t Care What Others Think Believe in yourself and just keep going. Most people are wrong about most things. Especially if you don’t know them, who gives a crap about what they think. Boom. This is a big one. Most self confidence issues are born from people staring, making comments, in person or online, and being general dicks. We all know at least one. Ask yourself, are they in your trusted circle, and if so, are they usually like this to you? If they are not usually like this, then maybe they are having a problem themselves that you can be sensitive to and ask about. If the answer is yes they are usually dicks, then show them the door, don’t give any more of your life and time to someone who can’t show you respect. Minimise them if you can’t get rid of them. Let them be someone elses nightmare. Bye bye.

Do More Of What Makes You Happy  Create time and space for whatever it is you love. Life is too short. Eat the dress. Wear the cake. You know what I mean. How often do we say we should do something, we should visit friends, we should try a restaurant, we should say I love you more. One day the time will run out and you don’t want to have a life time of should haves to show for it. Even if it’s once a month, do the class, phone the friend, write the letter, say I love you. They say if you feel low you should call five people to tell them you love them and that is an instant life lifter.

Take one tip daily, with copious amounts of tea and hugs. Dogs or humans. Both are good. 

Much love,