“I am a huge fan of these walking sticks, not because they look so wonderful but because they offer stability and assurance to those of us who need that bit of extra help.  I have five of these sticks – opaque blue, transparent purple, candy cane, fluorescent blue and the bubbles one (of course!) and do not intend stopping there.  No matter where I go and whichever one I have with me, somebody will always come up to me and ask about my stick.  The most frequent concern is weight, but I allow them a little try to prove that these canes are not at all heavy.  Due to my Parkinson’s, I can go nowhere without a stick and these are like an additional piece of jewellery, ie a wonderful accessory and a colour or style to go with any outfit or occasion.  I think my nicest story is when a little girl kept looking at my bubbles one and I convinced her it was my wand – thankfully, I just about avoided any  magic tricks!  Phew!”